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Waterway Sports Adds Kayak Fishing Tech Rep:
Jeff Lopez - New England Kayak Fisherman of the Year 2005
We have located a Tech Rep specifically for Kayak Fishing market. We want to use this expert for Regional Shows, In Store Seminars, and Demo Days to help us promote the sport. This position is designed to directly impact sales; we are focusing this rep to work at the retail level promoting the sport as well as all of our products. He will fish in tournaments using exclusively JOI products

> If your in the New England area and looking to get into fishing, find a guide or just to say hello. You can find us at www.newenglandkayakfishing.com

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Kayak Fishing Tournaments

:: Kittery Trading Post- Kittery, ME
:: Mountain Road Trading Post- Raymond, NH
:: Jamaica Bay Tournament- NJ
:: King Cove Tournament- CT

Kayak Fishing Seminars

:: March 4th- Goose Hummock- Orleans, MA- In Store Seminar
:: April 1st, 2nd- Rhode Island Fishing Show- Providence, RI, Seminar & Slide Show
:: April 7th, 8th, 9th- Kittery Trading Post UNH Show- In Pool seminar on kayak fishing.
:: April 15th- Kayak Centre- Wickford, RI- In Store Seminar
:: May 6th, 7th- Jamaica Bay Fishing Tournament, New Jersey
:: June 10th, 11th- Extreme Edge Kayak Fishing Tournament- Stonington, CT
:: June 25th- Mountain Road Canoe and Kayak- Fishing Tournament
:: June 24th- Seacoast Outfitters, New Hampshire- Demo Day
:: July 9- Emerson Outdoor Outfitters , demo and seminar

*We will have more events and tournaments, as we get closer to the season.

Bio - Jeffrey Lopez,
Location: Winthrop Massachusetts,
Areas fished: Boston Harbor, Cape Ann, Cape Cod and Narragansett RI.
Species targeted: Striped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke, various palegics
Fishing Experience: 22 years in fresh and salt. 3 years Kayak Fishing.
Kayak: Ocean Kayak Prowler 13
Tackle used: Shimano Stradic, Penn GS series, St. Croix Rods, Star Rods, Teton Fly Reels, Temple Fork Fly Rods.

Bobs Bait Shack Tournament 2003 4th place (Boats, surfcasters, 1 kayak,)
Fishing Finatics Striper Shoot Out 2004 5th place (Boats and 1 kayak)
Extreme Edge Orlando 2004 no placement (kayak, canoe)
Jamaica Bay Tournament New Jersey 2005 3rd place (kayak only)
Extreme Edge Quaker Lane RI 2005 1st place slam 2005 (kayak only)
Northeast Extreme Edge Kayak Angler of the year 2005

I found the Kayak as a fishing tool a few years back in Cancun Mexico. While looking out the hotel window waiting for our time on a fishing charter, I saw some local fisherman in the early AM head out in fiberglass kayaks with netting. I saw them paddle off in the mangroves. Later as I was getting on the charter boat they came in with some Red Snapper and Grouper and had a smile from ear to ear. It was then, that I thought, Kayak Fishing! If it works here why not Boston with a rod and reel? That spring I purchased my first kayak and was on my way.

See, the thing was, there were many times while climbing the vast rocky shorelines of New England with Korkers and battle the terrain there were many times were the fish were out of casting range. Why not a kayak? Previously I had looked at boats and had planned on making the plunge. The expense was huge. I only wanted to fish the rocky shorelines in a dependable boat but knew I would have to spend 20 thousand plus...and then add fuel and boat slip. For less then 1500 dollar rigged with electronics, rod holder, pfd and paddle it was the best choice for me. Living on the water just outside of Boston and have the potential for good fishing in the Spring, Summer and Fall the choice was easy. Since the purchase of a kayak I have increased my catch over the chart and have had a new personal best of 41lbs Striped Bass. I have had endless tows across the water, won some and lost some. Every 5-6 hour trip is an adventure, sometimes up to 5 days a week. I never did that surfcasting.

Since my start in kayak fishing and thru the web communities I have found others that feel the same way and were in the same situation. I have also found the competitive edge in kayak tournaments and boat vs. kayak tournaments and have had a lot of fun doing that. I like the chase of a slam. Its not easy. Sometimes you have to launch several different times to have a chance as all species are rarely all together. Even when I don't place I still enjoy being around other kayak anglers, tournament or just a fun get together. This is more then just fishing, its getting others together to enjoy this unique sport and have fun.

Because of the popularity kayak fishing is getting I have been lucky to contribute information to , "The Fisherman" August 18th 2005 No33 "Yak Tactics" trolling the tube and worm written by Andy Dear. I also appeared in New Jersey Angler Sept 2003 for another tube and worm article.

In the spring of 2005 I got together with a friend of mine who shares the same passion in kayak fishing and we started a website called New England Kayak Fishing Our focus has been to unite kayak anglers from New England and share information, reports and have meets. It has been a huge success. Kayak fishing has taken off in the New England area and we continue to grow daily. We are always willing to help the new kayak angler.

If your up in the New England area and you are looking to get into fishing, find a guide or just to say hello. You can find us at > www.newenglandkayakfishing.com

Jeffrey Lopez
The Riddler


Phone & Fax: (207) 827-2277